Can a Queen Bed Fit in a Studio Apartment?

Can A Queen Bed Fit In A Studio Apartment?

A queen bed is very popular, and that’s largely because it’s so versatile.

It’s perfect for singles and couples, and it can fit into many bedrooms without a worry about its size.

What’s the size of a queen size bed? A queen bed tends to be 152cm x 188cm. In inches, this means it’s 60 inches wide and 74 inches long.

When it comes to its height, a queen mattress can range from seven to 14 inches, and even 22 inches, depending on the mattress style.

Although they’re small enough to fit into the average bedroom, queen beds do require a bit of space around them to make for comfortable living.

As great and versatile as queen beds are, the question is: can they fit into a studio apartment? Here’s everything you need to know about them, as well as what their alternatives are.

The Room Size Required For Queen Beds

10 by 10 sqft

So, based on the size of a standard queen bed, what size does your bedroom have to be in order to accommodate it? As reported by SF Gate, a bedroom should be at least 10 by 10 square feet.

This isn’t just to house the queen bed, but to allow enough space so that you can walk around the room and fit other furniture in it, such as bedside tables or cupboards.

The Average Size Of A Studio Apartment

Now, based on the above size requirements for queen beds, let’s take a look at the average size of a studio apartment.

According to the Urban Land Institute, a small studio apartment is usually less than 350 square feet.

The thing to remember with studio apartments is that they generally don’t have a bedroom.

This means that they’re not separate from the rest of the living space which accommodates the kitchen and/or living room.

How To Fit A Queen Bed Into A Studio Apartment

Queen Bed Into A Studio Apartments

Just because your studio apartment is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a queen bed in it.

It obviously depends on how much space you have at your disposal, but by measuring out enough space for your bed, based on the above calculation that you need at least 10 by 10 square feet for your bedroom area, you could make it work.

To keep your queen bed and bedroom as private as possible so that they’re separate from the rest of your apartment, especially when you have visitors, consider installing curtains or room dividers.

Use A Pull-Up Bed

If you feel like a queen bed takes up way too much space in your apartment, make it work as storage, not just the place you sleep.

Here’s a good idea: get a bed that can be raised to reveal a compartment for storage.

Shops like IKEA stock these beds, which are often called storage beds, and they’re really convenient apartment size beds for small spaces.

By creating extra storage under the bed that you can access by lifting the bed, you don’t have to worry about the bed taking up floor space.

Choose A Pull-Down Bed

Pick a pulldown bed

If you’re seriously pressed for space in your tiny apartment, you always have the option of a pull-down bed, otherwise known as a Murphy Bed.

While a pull-up bed is pulled upwards to reveal storage space underneath, a pull-down bed is stored in the wall and is pulled down at night when you’re ready for bed.

These wall beds can accommodate mattresses of various sizes, including queen size ones, and modern ones have many different designs from which to choose.

Turn A Queen Bed Into A Sofa Bed

Queen Bed Into Sofa

You can easily turn your queen bed into a sofa bed during the day. It will have to be put against the wall so that you can lean against the wall comfortably when sitting on it.

You should cover the mattress with a bedspread and place cushions against the wall so that this will increase the sofa’s comfortability.

You’ll also need to use bolsters. These are narrow, firm cushions that offer arm as well as back support.

You might need more than you’d use for a twin bed because a queen is quite a bit larger. To further make the bed seem like a sofa, put a coffee table in front of it.

Turning your queen bed into a sofa bed is a clever way to make the most of the space you have in your studio apartment.

Now that you know how you can maximize your bedroom space and still have a queen bed, there are other tips to bear in mind.

Tips For Fitting A Queen Bed Into A Small Space

Avoid Anything Too Fancy

Fancy Queen Beds

While you might want a queen bed that has a big headboard and footboard, these will just take up space unnecessarily.

Make sure the bed you choose for your queen mattress is focused on a simple, minimalist design.

You can easily get away with having extras such as a headboard if you find creative ways to incorporate them into your bedroom.

For example, you can get a freestanding headboard that attaches itself to the wall above your bed, and this can be put there once your bed is in its spot, saving a lot of space. 

Put Your Queen Bed Against The Wall

Even if you’re tempted to put your queen bed in the middle of the room, avoid this because it will just eat up floor space that can be used for furniture.

It also reduces traffic flow through your studio apartment.

Avoid Extra Bedroom Furniture

Too much bedroom furniture

If you’ve just managed to get your queen bed into your apartment and you therefore don’t have enough space for other bedroom furniture, then find creative ways to bring in furniture.

For example, floating shelves that can be attached to the wall or headboard can come in handy as side tables, instead of having bulky pieces of furniture on either side of the queen bed.

What Are The Best Apartment Size Beds? 

Now, what happens if you just don’t have enough space for a queen bed and not enough room for a pull-up bed either, such as because your studio apartment has low ceilings?

In such a situation, it’s best to focus on other types of beds that are more suitable to tiny apartments.

Twin Bed

This is by far the type of bed that will give you the most space you need in a small apartment if you’re single.

A twin bed is a good option for you if you have other furniture in your bedroom area already, such as side tables, that you don’t want to get rid of to accommodate a larger bed. You can expect a twin mattress to be approximately 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Twin XL

Twin XL Beds

This bed is also an option because it gives you slightly bigger dimensions without taking up too much space.

A standard Twin XL bed will be 38 inches wide – the same as a regular twin bed – but 80 inches long. That extra five inches in length is great if you’re taller and want a bit extra foot space.

Double Bed

If you want a bigger bed without going over the top, a double bed can work well – but make sure your apartment has the width for it.

Double beds are pretty much the same as a twin bed when it comes to their length – they’re 75 inches long – but they have a 54-inch width.

What About King-Size Beds?

King Size Beds

Maybe you’re more interested in having a king-size bed instead of a queen.

Could this fit into your studio apartment. It really depends – if you have enough space for the king bed because you can allocate 13 by 13 feet to it, then you can have a king-size bed in your home.

However, in the same way as a queen bed, you have to ensure you have enough space around it to make it more comfortable.

You should have at least 30 inches around your bed so you can move around comfortably.


If you have your heart set on a queen size bed in your studio apartment, you can find ways to have one, just by focusing on saving floor space and perhaps making use of creative beds, such as pull-down or pull-up beds.

If you simply can’t have a queen size bed in your place, consider a smaller bed that will not only save you space but fit your lifestyle better.

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How can you make a Murphy bed safer?

Murphy Beds

You might worry that your Murphy bed can fold up when you’re sleeping on it, but this doesn’t have to concern you.

As long as it’s been installed correctly, with its frame on the wall, you’ll be perfectly safe sleeping on it.

How can you separate your bedroom from the rest of your apartment, other than with room dividers?

You can use furniture to divide your space, such as by putting a bookcase in your bedroom or a large sofa that keeps your bedroom out of sight.

Even potted plants can help to create more separation between different areas, while adding color to your home.

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