How to Store Bikes In The Apartment

How to Store Bikes In The Apartment

You love your bike, but it’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. Since moving into your apartment, it’s been a nightmare trying to find ways to store it. But don’t despair.

What bike storage takes up the least space? A bike rack that enables you to store your bike in a vertical position, with its wheels perpendicular to a wall, tends to take up the least amount of space.

That said, a bike rack isn’t always possible. It might make your bike seem too clumsy for your small space, which is why you will have to consider other types of bike storage. Here are some options.

Hang Your Bike On The Wall

Bike Wall Mounts

You’ve probably seen images online of apartment walls decorated with bikes.

It’s become quite trendy to hang your bike on the wall. In this way, bikes can be said to be the new surfboards because they look really good as home décor!

But this isn’t just about how good they look. Hanging bikes on the wall is also really practical: they stay out of the way while making use of wall space that often goes to waste.

You can hang your bike on the wall in various areas of your apartment, such as in the lounge over the sofa, in the bedroom over the bed, or even above your work desk.

To hang a bike on the wall, you’ll need a bike rack or a bike hook – it’s cheaper and easier to use. However, you’ll have to drill holes into the wall for the hook, which might be a problem if you’re renting your apartment.

When it comes to hanging your bike, some experts claim it’s totally safe while others say that the bike’s rim can be put under too much pressure. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to hang the bicycle on two points on its frame to provide greater weight distribution.

Hook It From The Ceiling

Bike Ceiling Mount

If you don’t have wall space or you’re not keen on the idea of having a bike on the wall, you can easily hook your bike onto the ceiling.

This doesn’t have to interfere with the main areas of your home, such as the lounge or bedroom. You could hang your bike in a large closet or under the stairs if you really want it out of the way.

The best way to hook your bike from the ceiling is to use an “S”-shaped hook. This hook is coated with vinyl so that it won’t scratch the bike wheel, as Livestrong reports.

Store It Behind Furniture

Bikes behind Furniture

You can easily hide your bike while still keeping it inside your apartment by sliding it behind large furniture.

An example includes a big bookshelf or a dresser. The benefit of keeping your bike behind furniture means that you can easily slide it out when you want to go for a ride, so this is probably the best option for someone who uses their bike regularly.

In addition, you don’t need any tools or products in order to make use of this option.

Get A Bike Stand

Bike Stand Wall

There are many creative bike stand models that give you bike storage without taking up too much space in your home.

An example of this is the Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand. How it works is that you lean the stand against the wall and it will stay in place, and it can hold two bikes.

Best of all, you don’t have to drill holes into your wall, which your landlord will surely be pleased about. Gravity is what holds the bikes in place, as Complex reports, hence the stand’s name.

You can purchase the Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand online.

Combine It With A Shelf

Bike Shelfs

Sometimes it helps to make your bike look like part of your furniture.

This creates design flow in your apartment and also provide a clever spot for your bike to rest.

You can easily make a shelf for your bike. First, install a wooden box shelf on the wall, making the opening face you.

Then, create a little gap in both of the box’s sides. This enables the bike’s frame to rest in that spot. You can also use the shelf for other storage items.

This wooden box shelf doesn’t have to be fitted high up on a wall. Keep it close to the ground so that your bicycle wheels touch the floor.

If you don’t want to make this bike shelf yourself, you can get one that’s handmade from black walnut or ash wood, you can easily find it online.

Hoist It Up

Bike Lifts

If you want to put your bike on the ceiling but you don’t want to hang it from hooks, hoist bike storage can be a good option.

This is especially great for you if you have high ceilings in your apartment so that the bike will be kept out of the way.

How hoists work is that they lift your bike up with pulley systems that attach to both the handlebars and seat of the bike. This is also a great way to store bikes in the garage if you have one.

Choose A Bike Rack That Looks Like Art

 Bike Storage Art

Sometimes bike racks can look a bit too industrial, which might not fit in with your apartment’s interior design.

That’s why choosing a bike rack that’s built to look like statement art can really work.

The Peri Bike Rack is a rack made of curved wood on which your bike can sit. When you rest it against the wall, it looks much more fashionable than a simple rack.

Because it can fit against the wall, it also saves floor space in the middle of the room. You can find out more about the Peri bike rack online.

Keep It On The Balcony

Bikes on balcony

If you have a balcony that you don’t mind using as extra storage space, you can store your bike there.

Just make sure that you purchase a bike cover or even a bike tent to protect the bike from the elements. If your bike is exposed to rain or too much humidity, this can cause corrosion.

Keeping your bike covered up on a balcony prevents it from being in view of people who might want to steal it.

It’s also a good idea to lock your bike or chain it to the balcony railing to jack up its security.

Things To Consider When Storing Your Bike Indoors

Before you go ahead and purchase a rack or stand, or make your own plan for storing your bike in your apartment, consider these tips.

Consider Your Bike’s Weight

Bike weights

Before you hang your bike from the ceiling or on the wall above your bed, always make sure that whatever method you’re using to keep it in place – such as hooks – is strong enough to maintain the bike’s weight.

The average road bike weighs roughly 17.5 pounds, so be sure to check that the tools you’re using will be able to carry this weight, especially if you’re making them yourself.

Find The Right Amount Of Space

How much space will you need to store your bike on the wall or floor? Aim for a length of at least 20 inches. Bear in mind that you’ll need even more if your bike has wide handlebars.

Make sure you measure out the right amount of space before you go ahead and store your bike there to prevent it from looking cramped into your home.

Always Keep Your Bike’s Wheels Inflated

Inflate Tire

When you hang your bike on a wall or door, this removes its tire pressure. Even keeping it stored on the floor is bad for its tires.

Always make sure your bike’s tires are inflated – even if you’re leaving your bike in storage for a long time – so that you prevent damage to the rims and tires.


Keeping your bike indoors is actually much better to protect it. The only problem is trying to find the perfect spot where your bike’s easily accessible without taking up too much space.

It’s actually not impossible to store your bike in a small apartment – by following the ideas in this article, you’ll find a home for your beloved bike right at home.

Related Questions

Can hanging a bicycle on the wall create scuff marks?

To prevent wall damage, choose wall-mounting products that protect your wall with plastic housings for the bike’s wheels.

This prevents them from touching the wall. You can also find bike racks that extend from the wall.

How can you prevent your bike from making your home dirty after use?

Always clean your bike before bringing it into your apartment.

Clean the bike’s frame, forks, and chain to eliminate dirt. This can be done with a rag or towel. Make sure your bike is perfectly dry before you hang it up.

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